Investing in High Potential And Innovative Startup Ideas

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About Us

Aurantiaco Holding SA is based in Geneva, in the hearth of Europe, a privileged location with easy access to World-Class Companies, Institutions and Entrepreneurs. Born in 2013, Aurantiaco Holding SA has rapidly grown its portfolio and wants to continue invest in high potential, innovative entrepreneurs that understand the technological transformation of our era.

Our investment philisophy

We invest in entrepreneurs with brilliant, innovative and high potential ideas that leverage new technologies and deeply understand how businesses and consumers are changing. When we invest we are primarily interested in the entrepreneur's personality, skills, willingness to make it no matter what and ability to understand that their initial idea might not see the light at any cost as iteration is key to success. We are interested in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Industry 4.0 technologies, Innovative Nutrition, Education 3.0.

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Companies we have invested in

Since 2013 Aurantiaco Holding has invested in a few companies that are generating returns and preparing for global markets expansion. Our portfolio companies are young and high potential and are not afraid of doing what it takes to make it big.